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. .  · He can read a result like no other and is also quite rigorous in his selection. 00 Upcoming auction 24 days 13 hours 45 mins Bieche Lofts American Superstar! $500000000. 2020. The lofts in Halle-Booienhoven. . . . Quick View. . 66. . Excelsior Pigeon Auctions, Superior quality racing pigeons for sale by means of fixed price pigeon sales and pigeon auctions online, from top performance racing pigeon competitors and show pigeon breeders in the UK and Europe. Herbots Top-Fit 1kg, (Total recuperation after flights). The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications. Included in the sale are. newipigeon. Dungelstraat 37, 3440 Halle-Booienhoven, Belgium. Bid on the pigeon you want to buy. Cock "Mr. Madame Musketeer. . Racing Pigeons For Sale,South Africa Wynand Wolmarans: HOME > OUR VIDEOS JANSSENS 1234 HOME new2 8888 08880 SPRITZY 08881 08883 EN 08884. Herbots start of the season with a team of 64 cocks and 75 hens who are being raced on the total widowhood system, 200 youngsters and 50 breeding couples. They are very active and healthy birds. . . 67. M. . . Herbots Conditioner Plus 500ml, (blend of fatty acids with a natural anti-bacterial effect. Eric Herbots’ victory is not really much of a surprise: in 2004, he achieved a 7th national prize and in 2005 a 9th national prize in the national results of St. 26. be is a Birds website.



. Herbots 2008 Auction LIST. D. . Ace Pigeon KBDB 03, Gr. . Elimar6 ( 642 ) Scotland, United Kingdom. . This tried and tested British-made regulated pre-charged airgun is solidly constructed, measures a fairly compact 102cm and weighs 3. Superstar of the year Middle Distance. '' HERBOTS'' Best Blood. Nat. . or. Since 2004 we have arranged many auctions - online as well as live auctions - for our friends in Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Germany etc. Currently:. . . It is known for the frill or curls on the wing shield feathers. . The Herbots' best bird was The Leverige, bred from the long-distance champion Dendooven. herbots. be is a Birds website. 15 BELG 2300724 Cock "Soontjens 24" Auction #58456 Image (s) Description Lot 51. Join the Racing Pigeon Auction. . Saarloos & Zn. . NAT ACE MARATHON YLS 2021 Provincial winner Narbonne 2021 40m/min in lead 1 Prov Narbonne '21 897p 888km 7 NAT 5.  · For more information about this online auction, please contact: HERBOTS: Tel. com - Racing Pigeon Auction. . Esther (BE22-4110014) wins 1st provincial and 1st national zone Argenton. Pigeons from Soontjens, Roman Loozen, Ludo Helsen and Van Avondt & son were added later on as well, the latter of which sold them. from the Houben Family’s National winning birds and are birds of the highest caliber around. The “Geof” had really grown into a real top breeder in recent years and now again in the 2022 season, the breeding line of “Geof” can be found in several top pigeons that race in Belgium.



27 Aug at 14:00 - 05 Sep at 14:00. Pigeon Bids Borgmans Gebroeders - Reusel - The definitive end of the legendary Jos van Limpt "De Klak" story. In this auction they come with the best in marathon field. . Herbots. PIGEBBS Blue Bar Saddle Janssen Racing Homers $75. . . 10. . . . Site is running on IP address 172. Every year real top pigeons are obtained by Herbots. Taylorsville, UT. The Bros.

 · He can read a result like no other and is also quite rigorous in his selection
00 Upcoming auction 24 days 13 hours 45 mins Bieche Lofts American Superstar! $500000000
The lofts in Halle-Booienhoven
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